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  • 67,845 Number of users
  • 656,450 physical activities
  • 4,452,233 km by walk

Frequently asked questions

How much does use of INDARES.COM system cost?
It is gratis. Until the cancelation, registration to the system and using of all its function is provided for free.
This is my first time on INDARES.COM web page. I want to use the system – how should I start?
Click the link Preview in the left menu and follow the instruction.
I forgot my password – how can I retrieve it?
Click the link Forgotten password in the left menu. Type the e-mail address used for registration into the form and then click “Send” button. The password will be sent to your email..
How can I find out if my school is already registered in INDARES.COM system?
Click the link Registered groups in the left menu. There is a list of groups (schools) already registered in the system.
Is INDARES.COM system meant only for schools?
No. The system has been created and is intended for any group (or subgroup) of users. You can register as independent individual user or assign yourself to a school, school class, sport team, company, family or any other group of users.
I am supposed to fill in a questionnaire. Is there anything else the system offers to me?
Sport Preferences Questionnaire is just a small part of the system helping teachers to match their students’ needs. In order to learn what the system brings to you take a view of “Preview” tab and Why to use INDARES.COM link.
How are my data secured?
Access to user accounts is protected by user name (valid e-mail address) and by password. Each user is responsible for choosing a password that can not be guessed easily (it is recommended to use a combination of letters and numbers) and not providing your login information to other people. Data on your physical activity and data from questionnaires can be used for scientific and educational purposes; group administrator can access them, too. Your personal data are treated as confidential and are accessible solely to you.
Which languages are supported in INDARES.COM system? Will other language versions be available?
Currently the Czech, English, Slovak, and Polish versions of the system are active. We are planning to add other languages in the future.
Are only teachers allowed to register new school into the system or can students also do it?
New school can be registered solely by a teacher of the school – the teacher thus becomes school administrator in INDARES.COM system. Students are not allowed to register new school to the system.
I could not find any answer to my question. Where can I get the information?
If you really can not find any answer to your question, send us e-mail to info@indares.com. We will be pleased to help you solve your problem with the system.

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